About Us

Premium People Group (PPG) is a premium IT, engineering, and professional staffing company based in Cary, North Carolina. PPG specializes in providing staffing solutions and recruitment services to clients in various industries, including information technology, engineering, and other professional sectors.

As a staffing company, PPG works closely with organizations to understand their specific talent requirements and then identifies and recruits qualified professionals to meet those needs. They have a dedicated team of recruiters and experts who have a deep understanding of the IT, engineering, and professional fields.

PPG’s services include both temporary and permanent staffing solutions. For temporary staffing, they help clients find skilled professionals for short-term projects or to cover workload fluctuations. For permanent staffing, PPG assists in identifying and hiring top talent for full-time positions within client organizations.

With their base in Cary, North Carolina, PPG likely serves clients not only in the local area but also nationally or even internationally, depending on their client base and recruitment needs. The company may have established relationships with both large corporations and smaller businesses, providing them with a wide range of staffing services.